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I purchased one of your units after seeing it at the shot show and the IALEFI¨ show in San Antonio. I am using it to clean every weapon on the Amarillo Police Department. That is over 300 handguns and 200 rifles. I first strip the weapon to the bare frame and clean it in a vat. We utilize the cleaner Slip 2000 Carbon Cleaner and clean all the parts. We then use you steam cleaner to clean all the parts.

It is awesome. It leaves the weapons cleaner than when they were new. The bolts on the rifles look like they were just purchased and the parts are all factory new and clean. The time it takes to steam the weapon is under 5 minutes including the frame and parts. In the past we have cleaned them all by hand. This took at least one hour per weapon. Now we can completely clean the weapon in under 15 minutes. The time we have saved has more than paid for the purchase of the steam unit and I have budgeted for a second machine to be used for cleaning our remote control robot parts.

Thank you for making an outstanding product.

Sgt. Michial Dunlap
Amarillo Texas Police department








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