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March 21, 2007

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To Whom It May Concern:

Being in the food industry, we are always looking for a safe and economical way to clean and sterilize that would protect our customers and our employees. We tried a number of different cleaning solutions that involved chemicals, but always faced the problem of chemical contamination if not properly rinsed and handled and potential harmful effects on our employees. When found, the Mini-Max Steam Cleaner solved all our issues, first it allows us to clean and sterilize without the need for chemicals, second we no longer have to worry about chemical contamination of the food product or any harmful effects on the employees, lastly the cost savings is tremendous because now we can clean with water, and the cleaning chemicals that we do use is about a tenth of the amount as before. We are very happy with our Mini-Max Steam Cleaner and look forward to buying the larger unit in time.

Thank you for building a superior product.

Christian Maehler
Vice President
Mahler's Bakery








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