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1. Surface Mounts
2. Electronics Cabinetry
3. No Clean Flux

4. Electrical Relay
5. Restaurant Printer Cleaning
6. Static Electricity Removal

GE Electric Brazil  Must read!

Restoration, Electronics, Etc.

1. Electronic Circuit Board

2. Soot Removal From Fire & Flood

Foresite Cleaning

1. Electronics PC Board Cleaning
2. Ink Removal

3. Ceramic Cleaning

Forsite Letter
Foresite Protocol


Medical & Pharmaceuticals


Medical Equipment 

Larger Medical Equipment

SPD - CENTRAL SERVICES Clean Before Sterilization Training Video

1. Intro & Description
2. Clean & Test
3. Difficult Areas & Lumens
4. Crevices & Rust Removal

5. Orthopedic Instruments "In Seconds"
6. Most Difficult Areas
7. Trays & Power Equipment


1. Surgery Reamer Cleaning
2. Autoclave Cleaning
3. Endoscopics Cleaning

5. Needles & Canulas
6. Wheels, Chairs, Etc. - video slideshow
7. Lumens Cleaning

Floors Showing Brush Attachments

View Steam Vapor Brush Accessories

What They Say
Biohazard Reports
John Muir Hospital Letter Of Recommendation
Customer Comments: Patti Konkur
Re-order Comments: White River Medical Center

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Facilities: Versatility
Roll-up Door Cleaning NEW!
(15ft. Manual Control)
Roll-up Door Cleaning NEW!
(30ft. Remote Control)

Floors with Brush Attachment

Wheels, Chairs, Etc. - video slideshow

Ski Boat Cleaning  80ft. Distance from Mini-Max Cleaner

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Weapons Cleaning

60MM Mortar Cleaning
Seal Team-3 Weapons Cleaning
M-1 Tank - Breach

Small Arms Cleaning
Rifle Cleaning

Weapons Cleaning Kit
for Individual Users

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Ground Equipment & Vehicles

1. Brakes and the "Grease Plug"
2. Engine And Gears - Oil Removal
3. Engine Exhausts For Inspection

4. Painted Surface / Engine Cover
5. Aluminum Parts Cleaning

6. Ford-250 Engine (Time & Material)

Blog: Hobart Power Supply / Air Ground Support  (slideshow)
View Steam Vapor Brush Accessories

Fork Lift

Fork Lift Engine Exterior

Fork Lift Engine & Wheel Cleaning

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1. Brakes
2. Engine Area

4. Motorcycle Chain
5. Shock And Seal Area

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1. Aircraft Parts Cleaning - Clean Room
2. Aircraft Engine Safety Inspection

3. Oil Extractment & Containment From Surfaces

Blog: Hobart Power Supply / Air Ground Suppor (slideshow)

GE Electric Brazil  Must read!
Alticor Report

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Mfgs. & Surface Finishing

1. Magnet and Table
2. CNC Tooling
3. Clean Room - Glass Tubes

4. Clean Room - Aircraft Parts
5. Hydro Fittings

6. Modular VI

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Food Service & Restaurant

1. Door Liner
2. Door Hinge Area
3. Counter Top
4. Rack
5. Shelf Item

6. Refrigeration Unit
7. Oven Hood
8. Floor Entry
9. Owner
10. Chef's Printer

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Hydraulics   Marine Corps  Logistics Base, Barstow

"Doing in five minutes what used to take one hour."

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Non-Destructive Testing

Aicraft Engine Gear

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Steel Draw Die

Reducing Metal Diameters

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